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Recently occurred habits from Packagist

  1. PHP package d3/ordermanager

    Last occurred:
    Order manager module for OXID eShop.
  2. PHP package monarc/core

    Last occurred:
    Core for monarc/monarc application
  3. PHP package devianl2/laravel-scorm

    Last occurred:
    PEOPLEAPS scorm package
  4. PHP package defstudio/laravel-components

    Last occurred:
    A collection of laravel blade components
  5. PHP package oat-sa/extension-tao-itemqti

    Last occurred:
    extension to create QTI items
  6. PHP package ajgl/composer-symlinker

    Last occurred:
    Composer script to symlink assets.
  7. PHP package wj008/beacon

    Last occurred:
    beacon framework kernel of PHP
  8. PHP package phpguild/api-bundle

    Last occurred:
    Symfony API Bundle
  9. PHP package alexstandiford/underpin

    Last occurred:
    Underpin WordPress framework
  10. PHP package phpguild/user-bundle

    Last occurred:
    Symfony User Bundle


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