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  1. PHP package bash/cache-bundle

    Last occurred:
    BashCache Bundle
  2. PHP package sempro/socialite-provider-vipps

    Last occurred:
    Vipps OAuth2 Provider for Laravel Socialite
  3. PHP package larva/laravel-socialite

    Last occurred:
    Laravel wrapper around OAuth 2 libraries.
  4. PHP package spoon/library

    Last occurred:
    A PHP library that is fast, easy to learn and very much deprecated!
  5. PHP package syspass/plugin-authenticator

    Last occurred:
    2FA authentication plugin for sysPass based on TOTP algorithm (RFC 6238)
  6. PHP package prestashop/productcomments

    Last occurred:
    PrestaShop module productcomments
  7. PHP package fof/stopforumspam

    Last occurred:
    Stop Forum Spam
  8. PHP package didrive_mod/items

    Last occurred:
    Модуль для Didrive - items
  9. PHP package uukule/vod

    Last occurred:
  10. PHP package thunder/drupal-testing

    Last occurred:
    Scripts for testing drupal projects.


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