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  1. PHP package tamara-solution/magento

    Last occurred:
    A Magento 2 module that creates tamara payment methods
  2. PHP package maurobonfietti/rest-api-slim-php

    Last occurred:
    Example of REST API with Slim PHP Framework.
  3. PHP package olelo/cassy

    Last occurred:
    Small helper to create olelo Cassy URLs in PHP
  4. PHP package reedware/laravel-api

    Last occurred:
    Adds configurable web api connections to your Laravel application.
  5. PHP package plaisio/session

    Last occurred:
    PhpPlaisio: Session
  6. PHP package maurobonfietti/skel-api-slim-php-crud-generator

    Last occurred:
    CRUD Generator for Slim 4 - Api Skeleton.
  7. PHP package barryvdh/laravel-cors

    Last occurred:
    Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application
  8. PHP package suframe/think-admin

    Last occurred:
    suframe thinkphp admin
  9. PHP package stephanebour/disposable-email-domains

    Last occurred:
    A list of disposable email domains
  10. PHP package w2w/apie-object-access-normalizer

    Last occurred:
    Symfony normalizers used internally by Apie


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