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  1. Ruby gem rpg_paradise

    Last occurred:
    This project is for my custom RPG code that our local pen-and-paper RPG group used in the past. Furthermore I will also include the unfinished code for the text-based MUD that was once planned. As I in general lack time to continue this hobby project, I thought it may be better to publish the code as it is. Be warned: this is very beta-ish quality. I can not recommend anyone to use this project for anything serious. Be also made aware that this is on-going; I have not yet finished publishing the old code, as I am trying to polish it a little before releasing it in its "final", though unfinished, form here.
  2. Ruby gem trk_datatables

    Last occurred:
    Gem that simplify using datatables with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.
  3. Ruby gem rubysketch

    Last occurred:
    Processing like Creative Coding Framework.
  4. Ruby gem vk_music

    Last occurred:
    A library to work with audios on popular Russian social network
  5. Ruby gem web_object

    Last occurred:
    WebObject is a tool-set project for the www, including an incomplete web "framework". The project attempts to explore different ideas, so it has a somewhat medium-to-large size as-is. As a project, web_object is quite far away from being complete or reasonably finished - consider it more as a proof-of-concept project than something that should be used in production. In fact, I use the project to explore new, web-related ideas too. It is also not fully documented either, but I use it since several years to augment my own Ruby-CGI scripts. For these basic needs it works fairly well; it also explains why this project has to stay flexible, e. g. if I am to use sinatra rather than .cgi. While .cgi scripts are not that common to see past the year 2015, and admittedly not as flexible as sinatra or rails, I consider them still to be extremely SIMPLE to use and I really love simplicity. Compare a hello-world example in a .cgi script with one in rails. If you need a framework that is more sophisticated, I can recommend sinatra and padrino. For more information about the web_object projec
  6. Ruby gem camalian

    Last occurred:
    Library used to deal with colors and images. You can extract colors from images.
  7. Ruby gem sensu-plugins-postgres

    Last occurred:
    Sensu plugins for postgres
  8. Ruby gem docker_registry2

    Last occurred:
    Docker v2 registry HTTP API client
  9. Ruby gem kamiliff

    Last occurred:
    An easy way to use LINE Front-end Framework(LIFF) on rails.
  10. Ruby gem clubhouse_ruby

    Last occurred:
    A lightweight Ruby wrapper for the Clubhouse REST API.


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