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Recently occurred habits from Ruby gems

  1. Ruby gem pdfkit

    Last occurred:
  2. Ruby gem sugarjar

    Last occurred:
    A git/github helper script
  3. Ruby gem savon

    Last occurred:
    Heavy metal SOAP client
  4. Ruby gem ransacker_translator

    Last occurred:
    expand search by ransack
  5. Ruby gem rails_scopy

    Last occurred:
    Generate automatically scopes in your model
  6. Ruby gem ruby-kafka-ec2

    Last occurred:
    An extension of ruby-kafka for EC2
  7. Ruby gem proiel

    Last occurred:
    A library for working with treebanks using the PROIEL dependency format
  8. Ruby gem tapping_device

    Last occurred:
    tapping_device lets you understand what your Ruby objects do without digging into the code
  9. Ruby gem j1-template

    Last occurred:
    J1 Template
  10. Ruby gem mkmf-lite

    Last occurred:
    A lighter version of mkmf designed for use as a library


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