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Recently occurred habits from Ruby gems

  1. Ruby gem email_data

    Last occurred:
    This project is a compilation of datasets related to emails. Includes disposable emails, disposable domains, and free email services.
  2. Ruby gem axi_tdl

    Last occurred:
    Axi is a light weight axi library. Tdl is a hardware Construction language
  3. Ruby gem eac_cli

    Last occurred:
    Utilities to build CLI applications with Ruby.
  4. Ruby gem dir-to-xml

    Last occurred:
    Dir-to-xml saves a directory listing in the Dynarex XML format
  5. Ruby gem eac_ruby_utils

    Last occurred:
    Utilities for E.A.C.'s Ruby projects.
  6. Ruby gem attribute_cache

    Last occurred:
    A simple Rails plugin that provides the ability to cache a value to a model attribute.
  7. Ruby gem eco-helpers

    Last occurred:
    eco-helpers to manage people api cases
  8. Ruby gem ecoportal-api-oozes

    Last occurred:
    A collection of helpers for interacting with the ecoPortal MS's V2 API
  9. Ruby gem darkade.github.io-theme

    Last occurred:
    Theme for my personal blog
  10. Ruby gem bashly

    Last occurred:
    Bash Command Line Tool Generator


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