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Habitening soon habits from Ruby gems

  1. Ruby gem aws-sdk-iotsitewise

    Last occurred:
    AWS SDK for Ruby - AWS IoT SiteWise
  2. Ruby gem jekyll-theme-hamilton

    Last occurred:
    A minimal and beautiful Jekyll theme best for writing and note-taking.
  3. Ruby gem mature_factory

    Last occurred:
    A mixin for creating factory objects
  4. Ruby gem aws-sdk-kafka

    Last occurred:
    AWS SDK for Ruby - Kafka
  5. Ruby gem rails-letsencrypt

    Last occurred:
    The Let's Encrypt certificate manager for rails
  6. Ruby gem phcdevworks_real_estate

    Last occurred:
    Rails 6 - Engine - Real Estate
  7. Ruby gem mumukit-content-type

    Last occurred:
    Content Type handling for Mumuki
  8. Ruby gem hyperbuild

    Last occurred:
    Fast allocation-less HTML minifier with smart whitespace handling
  9. Ruby gem jekyll-scholar

    Last occurred:
    Jekyll extensions for the academic blogger.
  10. Ruby gem twiglet

    Last occurred:


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