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Habitening soon habits from Ruby gems

  1. Ruby gem learnosity-sdk

    Last occurred:
    SDK to interact with Learnosity APIs
  2. Ruby gem jekyll-imgix

    Last occurred:
    A simple Ruby gem to bring imgix to your Jekyll site.
  3. Ruby gem charwidth

    Last occurred:
    Normalize Japanese / Korean fullwidth (zenkaku) and halfwidth (hankaku) characters
  4. Ruby gem rvt

    Last occurred:
    A VT100 compatible terminal, running on Rails.
  5. Ruby gem acts_as_money

    Last occurred:
    A fairly trivial plugin allowing easy serialisation of Money values (from the money gem) as attributes on activerecord objects
  6. Ruby gem 4me-sdk

    Last occurred:
    The official 4me SDK for Ruby. Provides easy access to the REST APIs found at https://developer.4me.com
  7. Ruby gem shrine-color

    Last occurred:
    Return the dominant color of an image in Shrine.
  8. Ruby gem cloudmersive-virus-scan-api-client

    Last occurred:
    Scan files and content for viruses.
  9. Ruby gem evt-message_store

    Last occurred:
    Common primitives for platform-specific message store implementations
  10. Ruby gem geocoder_here_maps

    Last occurred:
    Extends geocoder for HERE maps.


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