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.NET package Siticone.Desktop.UI

Siticone Desktop UI (as part of the Siticone Framework Suite) is the leading developer productivity product in the market of .NET and Windows Forms UI/UX Design. It is the epitome of all .NET UI developement libraries and frameworks empowering developers to create futuristic, performant, fast and clean user interface to deliver an extremely impressive user experience with minimal effort, low programming experience at a very resonable budget. Embeded in the .NET Ecosystem, with matching industry accepted naming and design rules, the learning curve is almost flat. Once installed, a few simple clicks are enough to discover the real power of Siticone! How to add Siticone Desktop UI to your project: 1. Install the library 2. Open Visual Studio Toolbox and create a new tab e.g. "Siticone Desktop UI Components" 3. Right-click and "Choose items". 4. "Browse..." and locate the installed library i.e. from the "bin" folder and add select. 5. Drag-n-drop any Siticone Controls onto the Winform. That's it! How to use Siticone Desktop UI: 1. Watch tutorials and video demos from our channel: htt


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