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.NET package Syncfusion.Blazor.TreeMap

The Blazor TreeMap is a feature-rich component used to visualize both hierarchical and flat data. Customize the look and feel of the tree maps by using built-in features like color mapping, legends, and label templates. Key Features: * Leaf Nodes - A treemap contains groups of data collections. Each group has one or more leaf nodes. Each leaf node is displayed as a rectangle, sized and colored according to values that you assign * Levels - Render any number of child items for each individual node in the tree map. * Color mapping - Customize the treemap item colors based on given values. It has three types: range color mapping, equal color mapping, and desaturation color mapping. * Data label - It is used to display more details about a particular item. * Label template - Render any HTML element as a label for the nodes in the a tree map. * Drill-down - Support to drill the parent items to have a more detailed look at their child items. * Legend - To provide valuable information for interpreting the treemap with various colors, shapes, or other identifier


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