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Recently occurred habits from Debian

  1. Debian package iwd

    Last occurred:
    wireless daemon for Linux
  2. Debian package packer

    Last occurred:
    tool for creating machine images for multiple platforms
  3. Debian package shim

    Last occurred:
  4. Debian package shim-signed

    Last occurred:
    Secure Boot chain-loading bootloader (Microsoft-signed binary)
  5. Debian package rtklib

    Last occurred:
    Real Time Kinematic and other advanced GPS positioning techniques
  6. Debian package otrs2

    Last occurred:
    Open Ticket Request System Znuny
  7. Debian package praat

    Last occurred:
    program for speech analysis and synthesis
  8. Debian package pev

    Last occurred:
    text-based tool to analyze PE files
  9. Debian package gnome-panel

    Last occurred:
    traditional panel, used in GNOME Flashback
  10. Debian package r-cran-spatial

    Last occurred:
    GNU R package for spatial statistics


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