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Habitening soon habits from Debian

  1. Debian package golang-github-spf13-pflag

    Last occurred:
    Drop-in replacement for Go's flag package, implementing POSIX/GNU-style --flags
  2. Debian package mudita24

    Last occurred:
    ALSA GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards
  3. Debian package spice-vdagent

    Last occurred:
    Spice agent for Linux
  4. Debian package vlc

    Last occurred:
    multimedia player and streamer
  5. Debian package apksigcopier

    Last occurred:
    copy/extract/patch android apk signatures & compare apks
  6. Debian package unidecode

    Last occurred:
    ASCII transliterations of Unicode text (Python 3 module)
  7. Debian package breezy

    Last occurred:
  8. Debian package python-colorama

    Last occurred:
    Cross-platform colored terminal text in Python - Python 3.x
  9. Debian package labltk

    Last occurred:
    OCaml bindings to Tcl/Tk (executables)
  10. Debian package flowblade

    Last occurred:
    non-linear video editor


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