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Habitening soon habits from Debian

  1. Debian package erlang-p1-zlib

    Last occurred:
    erlang interface to zlib
  2. Debian package xfce4-mpc-plugin

    Last occurred:
    Xfce panel plugin which serves as client for MPD music player
  3. Debian package shotcut

    Last occurred:
    video editor
  4. Debian package rust-cmake

    Last occurred:
    Build dependency for running cmake to build a native library - Rust source code
  5. Debian package execline

    Last occurred:
    small and non-interactive scripting language
  6. Debian package python-oslo.policy

    Last occurred:
  7. Debian package ardour

    Last occurred:
    the digital audio workstation
  8. Debian package pychromecast

    Last occurred:
    Library to communicate with Google Chromecast (Python 3)
  9. Debian package python-babelgladeextractor

    Last occurred:
    Babel Glade XML files translatable strings extractor
  10. Debian package dnsviz

    Last occurred:
    Tools for analyzing and visualizing DNS and DNSSEC behavior


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