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Habitening soon habits from Debian

  1. Debian package ipolish

    Last occurred:
    Polish dictionary for ispell
  2. Debian package ruby-gpgme

    Last occurred:
    Ruby GPGME binding
  3. Debian package quakespasm

    Last occurred:
    engine for iD software's Quake
  4. Debian package collectl

    Last occurred:
    Utility to collect Linux performance data
  5. Debian package libjpeg

    Last occurred:
    Complete implementation of 10918-1 (JPEG)
  6. Debian package lua-json

    Last occurred:
    JSON decoder/encoder for Lua
  7. Debian package mysqltcl

    Last occurred:
    interface to the MySQL database for the Tcl language
  8. Debian package libretro-beetle-pce-fast

    Last occurred:
    Libretro wrapper for the Beetle PCE FAST core
  9. Debian package erlang-p1-mysql

    Last occurred:
    pure Erlang MySQL driver
  10. Debian package compiz

    Last occurred:
    OpenGL window and compositing manager


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