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Recently occurred habits from PyPI

  1. Python package cdk-eksdistro

    Last occurred:
    AWS CDK construct library for Amazon EKS Distro
  2. Python package cdk-triggers

    Last occurred:
    Execute AWS Lambda handlers during deployments of AWS CDK stacks
  3. Python package cdk-fargate-express

    Last occurred:
    A sample JSII construct lib for Express Apps in AWS Fargate
  4. Python package cdk-lambda-bash

    Last occurred:
    Deploy Bash Lambda Functions with AWS CDK
  5. Python package cdk-image-moderation

    Last occurred:
    Event-driven image moderation and notification with AWS CDK
  6. Python package mosaik.EId

    Last occurred:
    A utility for managing mosaik's entity identifiers.
  7. Python package cdk-ec2spot

    Last occurred:
    CDK construct library for EC2 Spot
  8. Python package cdk-dynamo-table-view

    Last occurred:
    An AWS CDK construct which exposes an endpoint with the contents of a DynamoDB table
  9. Python package cdk-watchful

    Last occurred:
    Watching your CDK apps since 2019
  10. Python package mosaik.PyPower-SemVer

    Last occurred:
    An adapter to use PYPOWER with mosaik.


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