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Recently occurred habits from PyPI

  1. Python package pyocs

    Last occurred:
    Python ocs 自动化程序
  2. Python package osxphotos

    Last occurred:
    Manipulate (read-only) Apple's Photos app library on Mac OS X
  3. Python package parametrization-clean-cdaksha

    Last occurred:
    ReaxFF parameter optimization scheme using generational genetic algorithm and neural networks.
  4. Python package awesome-panel-extensions

    Last occurred:
    A package of awesome Panel extensions. Provided by awesome-panel.org
  5. Python package pytest-salt-factories

    Last occurred:
    Pytest Salt Plugin
  6. Python package lalsuite

    Last occurred:
    LIGO Scientific Collaboration Algorithm Library - minimal Python package
  7. Python package postgres.client

    Last occurred:
    Postresql client
  8. Python package p6-namer

    Last occurred:
    Sets the AWS IAM Account Alias with a Custom Resource
  9. Python package vev-fing

    Last occurred:
    Visualization and Evolution of ARN Virus
  10. Python package pygyre

    Last occurred:
    Python support for the GYRE stellar oscillation code


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