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  1. Python package gerepotools

    Last occurred:
  2. Python package bob.db.avspoof

    Last occurred:
    Audio AVspoof Attack Database Access API for Bob
  3. Python package nmm

    Last occurred:
    Hidden Markov models for nucleotide sequences
  4. Python package odoo12-addon-fieldservice-size

    Last occurred:
    Manage Sizes for Field Service Locations and Orders
  5. Python package dtw-som

    Last occurred:
    DTW-SOM: Self-organizing map for time-series data
  6. Python package github-releaser

    Last occurred:
    CLI for creating releases on GitHub.
  7. Python package ppbank

    Last occurred:
    PPbank Cli Tools
  8. Python package opennem

    Last occurred:
    opennem engine agent
  9. Python package zbarlight

    Last occurred:
    A simple zbar wrapper
  10. Python package kili

    Last occurred:
    Python client for Kili Technology labeling tool


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