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Habitening soon habits from PyPI

  1. Python package unfurl

    Last occurred:
    use Git to record and deploy changes to your DevOps infrastructure
  2. Python package seventeenlands

    Last occurred:
    Utility to upload MTG Arena data to 17Lands.com
  3. Python package cdk-eksdistro

    Last occurred:
    AWS CDK construct library for Amazon EKS Distro
  4. Python package manim-express

    Last occurred:
    Animation engine for explanatory math videos
  5. Python package trackintel

    Last occurred:
    Human mobility and movement analysis framework.
  6. Python package rcpchgrowth

    Last occurred:
    SDS and Centile calculations for UK Growth Data
  7. Python package httpretty

    Last occurred:
    HTTP client mock for Python
  8. Python package apache-airflow-providers-docker

    Last occurred:
    Provider package apache-airflow-providers-docker for Apache Airflow
  9. Python package inka

    Last occurred:
    Command-line tool for adding flashcards from Markdown files to Anki
  10. Python package bffacilities

    Last occurred:
    BriFuture's scripts set, all scripts will be written with Python3


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