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  1. Python package liburing

    Last occurred:
    This is a Python + CFFI wrapper around Liburing C library, which is a helper to setup and tear-down io_uring instances.
  2. Python package OtoPy

    Last occurred:
    A Otoma Systems developed Lib, Containing useful Tools
  3. Python package odoo14-addon-account-banking-sepa-direct-debi...

    Last occurred:
    Create SEPA files for Direct Debit
  4. Python package hawksoft.tools

    Last occurred:
    Provides many useful command lines in python
  5. Python package pytorchvideo-nightly

    Last occurred:
    A video understanding deep learning library.
  6. Python package crc-bonfire

    Last occurred:
    A CLI tool used to deploy ephemeral environments for testing cloud.redhat.com applications
  7. Python package trodi

    Last occurred:
    Label interferogram pixels or images as outliers
  8. Python package aido-protocols-daffy

    Last occurred:
  9. Python package odoo14-addons-oca-l10n-italy

    Last occurred:
    Meta package for oca-l10n-italy Odoo addons
  10. Python package NEMO-billing

    Last occurred:
    Install Billing plugin for NEMO


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