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  1. PHP package dantleech/phpbench

    Last occurred:
    PHP Benchmarking Framework
  2. PHP package jessarcher/laravel-castable-data-transfer-object

    Last occurred:
    Automatically cast JSON columns to rich PHP objects in Laravel using Spatie's data-transfer-object class
  3. PHP package dithidi/freshdesk-php-sdk

    Last occurred:
    PHP SDK for the Freshdesk API (v2)
  4. PHP package dsoft/mvc4php

    Last occurred:
    This package allow users to manage most common operations with databases, based on mysqli functions. It also includes support for MVC components.
  5. PHP package revasu/shinobi

    Last occurred:
    Laravel Roles and Permissions
  6. PHP package muhdfaiz/laravel-tail-db

    Last occurred:
    Provide artisan command to monitor realtime database query executed from the application. Able to automatically run explain command for each of query received.
  7. PHP package xp-lang/php-compact-methods

    Last occurred:
    Compact methods for PHP
  8. PHP package wnx/multi-photo-crop

    Last occurred:
    Process images and cut out single photos
  9. PHP package wesolvit/drupal-init

    Last occurred:
    Create a Drupal project with Docker environment and Robo.
  10. PHP package halalsoft/passport

    Last occurred:
    Laravel Passport provides OAuth2 server support to Laravel.


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