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  1. PHP package midnight/automatic-di

    Last occurred:
    automatic dependency injection for PHP
  2. PHP package rcm/vimeo-data

    Last occurred:
    Basic data layer for Vimeo API
  3. PHP package cmixin/enhanced-period

    Last occurred:
    Carbon mixin to convert `Carbon\CarbonPeriod` to `Spatie\Period\Period` and vice versa
  4. PHP package paguelofacil/magento2

    Last occurred:
    Paguelofacil Payment Gateway Integration
  5. PHP package mrstebo/ekm-php

    Last occurred:
    Our new API allows partners to build significantly better integrations with the EKM platform. To try out the below endpoints, or for full up to date representations of the request / response models, please see the [swagger page](https://api.ekm.net/swagger/index.html). (We display examples here, but the swagger page is guaranteed to show the complete model.) To keep up to date with the latest updates, please see our [RSS feed](https://partners.ekm.net/ChangeLog/Feed) or the [partner dashboard](https://partners.ekm.net/).
  6. PHP package lujihong/hyperf-swagger

    Last occurred:
    A swagger library for Hyperf.
  7. PHP package lizhichao/one-nsq

    Last occurred:
    nsq client
  8. PHP package bokalsyo/tabang

    Last occurred:
    Hinabang alang sa mga nanginahanglan
  9. PHP package alibabacloud/cloudauth-20190307

    Last occurred:
    Alibaba Cloud ID Verification (20190307) SDK Library for PHP
  10. PHP package a-mazalov/laravel-keycloak-guard

    Last occurred:
    🔑 Simple Keycloak Guard for Laravel (Fork)


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