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  1. PHP package uxf/code-gen

    Last occurred:
  2. PHP package antanasga/xmlrpcdecode

    Last occurred:
    Easy way to decode XMLRPC requests
  3. PHP package template-provider/m2-hide-price

    Last occurred:
    Extension allows the store owner to hide the product price and add to cart button from guests or certain customer groups.
  4. PHP package rakoza/fixerio

    Last occurred:
    Wrapper for Fixer.io
  5. PHP package splashsky/modello

    Last occurred:
    A simple, lightweight template compiler
  6. PHP package autoaction/phalcon

    Last occurred:
    Phalcon Funcionalities
  7. PHP package kyrne/whisper

    Last occurred:
    Private Messaging for Flarum.
  8. PHP package andrey-helldar/contracts

    Last occurred:
    The Andrey Helldar Contracts package
  9. PHP package kyrne/websocket

    Last occurred:
    Integrated Pusher replacement.
  10. Node package @stdlib/datasets-emoji

    Last occurred:


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