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  1. R package corona

    Last occurred:
    Coronavirus ('Rona') Data Exploration
  2. R package tibblify

    Last occurred:
    Rectangle Nested Lists
  3. R package mmb

    Last occurred:
    Arbitrary Dependency Mixed Multivariate Bayesian Models
  4. R package T4cluster

    Last occurred:
    Tools for Cluster Analysis
  5. R package omxr

    Last occurred:
    Read and Write Open Matrix Files
  6. R package RSmallTelescopes

    Last occurred:
    Empirical Small Telescopes Analysis
  7. R package EquiSurv

    Last occurred:
    Modeling, Confidence Intervals and Equivalence of Survival
  8. R package path.chain

    Last occurred:
    Concise Structure for Chainable Paths
  9. R package fusionchartsR

    Last occurred:
    Embedding 'FusionCharts Javascript' Library in R
  10. R package MABOUST

    Last occurred:
    Multi-Armed Bayesian Ordinal Utility-Based Sequential Trial


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