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Recently occurred habits from FreeBSD ports

  1. FreeBSD port mail/cyrus-imapd32

    Last occurred:
    Cyrus mail server, supporting POP3 and IMAP4 protocols
  2. FreeBSD port www/p5-Mojolicious

    Last occurred:
    High level MVC web framework written in Perl
  3. FreeBSD port graphics/py-pygeoapi

    Last occurred:
    OGC API server implementation
  4. FreeBSD port mail/neomutt

    Last occurred:
    Bringing together all the Mutt Code
  5. FreeBSD port multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-svt-av1

    Last occurred:
    GStreamer (svt-av1) plugin
  6. FreeBSD port audio/exhale

    Last occurred:
    Open source xHE-AAC (Extended HE-AAC/USAC) encoder
  7. FreeBSD port lang/sbcl

    Last occurred:
    Common Lisp development system derived from the CMU CL system
  8. FreeBSD port deskutils/freeplane

    Last occurred:
    Free mind mapping and knowledge management software
  9. FreeBSD port audio/polyphone

    Last occurred:
    Graphical user interface for editing soundfont (sf2 and sfz) files
  10. FreeBSD port databases/sqlitebrowser

    Last occurred:
    Visual tool to manage SQLite databases


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