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Recently occurred habits from FreeBSD ports

  1. FreeBSD port devel/libvirt

    Last occurred:
    Toolkit to interact with virtualization capabilities
  2. FreeBSD port www/py-django-extensions

    Last occurred:
    Global custom management extensions for the Django Framework
  3. FreeBSD port devel/py-libvirt

    Last occurred:
    Python bindings for Libvirt virtualization API
  4. FreeBSD port databases/tdb

    Last occurred:
    Trivial Database
  5. FreeBSD port devel/p5-Package-Util-Lite

    Last occurred:
    Package-related utilities for Perl
  6. FreeBSD port databases/ldb20

    Last occurred:
    LDAP-like embedded database
  7. FreeBSD port lang/intel-compute-runtime

    Last occurred:
    OpenCL implementation for Intel HD 5000 (Gen8) or newer
  8. FreeBSD port devel/talloc

    Last occurred:
    Hierarchical pool based memory allocator
  9. FreeBSD port devel/py-pluggy

    Last occurred:
    Plugin and hook calling mechanisms for Python
  10. FreeBSD port devel/tevent

    Last occurred:
    Talloc based event loop library


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